My Netflix Queue: ‘Young Justice’ is not just another show about superheroes

I am a strong supporter of fandoms, being a part of several, so when stuff like this comes along, I appreciate it a lot. Just like Deadpool was propelled by its fans, Young Justice was propelled by its fans in the same way.

Young Justice was a television show on Cartoon Network based around the DC Comics Universe. Rather than focusing on the Justice League, the story was centered around the sidekicks: Robin instead of Batman, Kid Flash instead of the Flash, Aqualad instead of Aquaman, and others continued to fall in as the show progressed.

As a fan of the DC Comics Universe, it wasn’t the old Justice League shows that I grew up with, but I enjoyed watching it. They developed the plot well, the characters were well drawn, voiced, and structured, and it was a nice surprise since Cartoon Network was kind of in a dry spell in terms of consistent quality content. It was a different end of the DC Universe that explored storylines and characters not often, if at all, focused on when it came to the comic’s entertainment universe.

And then Warner Brothers cancelled it. After two seasons, the show just ended. It didn’t make a lot of sense to the fans, considering most of the people who watched Young Justice loved the show; it wasn’t like anyone lost interest as the show continued, even if ratings were saying otherwise. Regardless, it was off the air and on to the web on Netflix.

It turns out Netflix was an opportunity. Early last year, there was hope that if viewership numbers were high enough, the show could be revived. The hashtag #watchyoungjustice started circulating, and the creators were encouraging fans that if they kept watching, Season 3 of Young Justice could very well come to fruition.

The fans’ response? Well, Season 3 is in active production this year. Voice recording is even officially under way.

I love when stuff like this happens because, even though it’s small scale, it shows how art can act as a centripetal force, bringing people together to reach a common goal. Not only that, but it also shows that when people care a lot about something and are given the opportunity to care for it, they can incite unexpected change. And more than anything, that’s inspirational, especially in a time like this.


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